Models With Red Hair

Models With Red Hair

For teens who want serious pizzazz in their teen hairstyles, red is the way to go! Regardless of the shade chosen, red hair is noticeable and stylish, making a distinctive statement. Also, the choices are unimaginable with an abundance of shades and colors to chose from including strawberry blonde, copper blonde, darker copper, or even fire-engine red! Of course there is also the option of adding subtle highlights of plum or golden-blonde for depth. Remember to talk to your parents before you make any drastic changes so they won’t be too shocked by the result!

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Highlights of different shades of copper are wonderful choices if the hair color is currently brown or a darker shade of blonde. These range from golden blonde to deep, rich copper and include everything in between. To be risky and daring, choose deep plum or mahogany low lights.

On the other hand, if the hair is already a darker shade like brown or black, an extreme color such as berry-red or fire-engine red is the best choice. Once the primary color is added, it can be enhanced with highlights of copper or mahogany shades that complement the base. A more subdued choice would be red-brown or dark plum.

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A perfect example of sporting a stylish teen hairstyle is Ashlee Simpson. She takes the fun of having a teen hairstyle to the extreme by changing her naturally blonde hair to darker shades. For Ashlee, this change arose in order to avoid being typecast and as an attempt to show her individuality in breaking away from the shadow her big sister, Jessica Simpson. She is the prime example of how to relish in the variety of teen hairstyles by using your hair to represent a shining personality.
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red EMO hairstyles

red EMO hairstyles

Models with red hair

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