Hairstyles Tips: Short Sportlighting Hairstyles

When everyone is looking for long hairstyles, it does not mean you need to follow suit. You still have much broad range of short hairstyles to choose from. Most importantly, you must know your facial structure and the body type before you conclude any of the short hairstyles you want to go.

Short Sportlighting Hairstyles 1
Cool Pixie
To give a pixie a hipper feel, hair is snipped asymmetrically. The longer side of the cut is directed forward to veil short, cury bangs that are achoed by flirty spikes at the far back of the crown.

Short Sportlighting Hairstyles 2
Cutting Edge
If you want to take your hair this short, it helps if you have model-like features, because there's nothing you can hide behind. The bare but beautiful boyish cut features short, blund bangs and sheared sides. Styling is practically non-existent. You can achieve this style by simply blow dry, comb in place and go.
Short Sportlighting Hairstyles 3Pump It Up
If your hair is thick, cutting it short does not mean losing out in the fullness department. By positioning long layers through the crown and styling them forward with volumizer and round brush, you've got a look that's sure to turn some heads. :)

Short Sportlighting Hairstyles 4
Rounded Bob
Bob was made popularized by Victoria Beckham, but this bang up bob is nothing like the one you see on the road, or your mother used to wear. Thick, straight strands are cut into long, face hugging fringe, while the interior is layered for fullness. Light copper highlights on top make this hairstyle look sexy.

Short Sportlighting Hairstyles 5
Platinum Power

This eye-catching hairstyle consists of lot of short layers, messy lock with white-hot platinum color.

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