Mens Long Hairstyles

Mens long hairstyles 1
Mens Long Hairstyles
Regardless of fashion, men's long hairstyles have a timeless appeal. They are longer than shoulder length, can be any texture, and might be layered shorter on the top and sides (mullet), all one length, or a combination of layers and heavy weight lines.

Long hairstyles may result from simply growing out shorter styles, but a professional still needs to maintain your hair
and cut off split ends. And as with any style, make sure it suits your face shape, lifestyle, and hair type.

Long hair 's great for your image and easily suggests "rebelliousness," "sexiness" and "seductiveness." Also, long hair effectively balances narrower faces.

Long hair needs to be brushed daily and requires good quality shampoos and conditioners. Long hair may also be inappropriate for certain kinds of work (chef, army, police etc.).

Get regular trims to keep your long hair healthy.

Mens long hairstyles 2

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Mens Long Hairstyles

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