Short angled bob hairstyles

The bob hairstyle has always been timeless and classic but it has also undergone several modifications and trends which have been mostly set by famous celebrities.
Short angled bob hairstyles of Victoria Beckham 1Short angled bob hairstyles
Among the fashionable versions of the bob hairstyle is the angled or angular bob. As its name suggests, this version of the classic bob features angular cuts. This type of bob has been popularized by Victoria Beckham, the posh bob; and has been known in the fashion world as the “pob.”

The ex-spice girl has actually sported several versions of the angled bob hairstyle. One hairstyle features longer cuts on the sides while the back is cut very short. This bob hairstyle is characterized mostly by a layered haircut which is angled either on the sides, at the back or at the front.

Short angled bob hairstyles for seet girl
Short angled bob hairstyles - very sweet girl
The angled bob hairstyles are best for almost all types of face shapes. The angular cuts tend to sharpen round and oval faces to give them those needed detailed lines; while a heart-shaped face can benefit from an angular haircut that adds volume at the back and on the crown area.

Short angled bob hairstyles of Victoria Beckham 2

The angled bob hairstyles are perfect to wear should you wish to add character and dimension to your hair.
Short angled bob hairstyles of Victoria Beckham 3Short angled bob hairstyles - Victoria Beckham

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