Why Women Select Short Hairstyle?

short hairstyles for woman pictures 1
short hairstyles for woman
Have you noticed that women with a short haircut look intelligent? Especially if they wear those small black-rimmed glasses halfway down their nose. Ever seen them? They look like brain boxes.

A study called “First Impressions Hair impressions” found that we do judge people on how they look. For years it has been that women have found it very difficult to maintain luxurious hair, long or short. Let’s consider a few tips about a woman with a short haircut.

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  • There are natural oils in the scalp. These oils seep into the hair and lubricate it. Thus giving the hair a natural sheen. Short hair benefits from this action because it’s closer to the scalp. It’s easier for long hair to become dry and split because it is farther away from the beneficial oils of the scalp.
  • Whenever you wash your hair, intensify your wash and shampoo near your scalp. The bulk of your natural oils abides there and builds up there.
  • If you have long hair concentrate your conditioner on your hair that is farthest from your scalp. It provides protection and helps replace oils.
  • If you blow dry your hair, keep the blow dryer at least six inches from your hair. It will prevent excessive damage from the heat. Blow dry your hair in the direction of the shaft down the full length of your hair. Doing that will create a smoother appearance.
Your hair will have a shine and a thicker feel when you remove dried and split ends.
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short hairstyles for woman

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