Tips To Select Right Hairstyles

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Hair is the essential part of the body, which can increase your beauty.
You can look more beautiful with right hairstyle. Your hairstyle can speak volumes about your lifestyle, sense of fashion, and your likes and dislikes.

Select a right hairstyle that highlights the best features of your face and makes you to look more attractive, depending on the occasion and the dress you choose.

Tips to select right hairstyle:

  • Hairstyle for round shaped face: If your face is round, you have to look to lengthen your face. You can avoid the round look of your face by wearing a side part or layering at your crown to add fullness and height. If the hairstyle falls at chin or above, it can make you to look heavier, so keep your hairstyle longer than your chin.
  • Hairstyle for pear shaped face: Wide forehead, small cheekbones and narrow chin area are the characteristics of pear shaped face. You can select a hairstyle with volume between ears and shoulders.
  • Hairstyle for heart-shaped face: This type of face will be broad at hairline and temples, and tapering towards the chin. You can try hairstyles that fall near chin length. You can use bangs if you have high forehead. You can wear a layered style that is thick at bottom, as it provides fullness wherever it is necessary.
  • Hairstyle for oval shape: Oval shape face is wide near the temples and narrows down towards the chin. It is the versatile shape and therefore you can wear any hairstyle.
  • Hair colors and dyes for hairstyle: In some hairstyles, hair colors and dyes are used. These hairstyles can harm your hair if you do not use good hair colors or dyes. Not all the hair colors and dyes will be suitable for all the people. You have to take sample test on colors and dyes, which you select for your hairstyle.
When you find out what kind of hairstyle is suitable for your face, you can narrow the choice of hairstyles. By choosing a hairstyle that matches to your face, you will get confidence that you are looking beautiful.

hot new hairstyles
hot new hairstyles

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