Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair - African American

Prom hairstyles for long hair - long black hairstyles - African American
Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair - African American
Are you wondering how to create a new look for the prom night? Read on for some African American prom hairstyle ideas.

African American hairstyles remain amongst the most interesting types of haircut styles and ideas. This is simply because of the rich texture of African American hair. Although African American hair is considered to be really difficult to manage, the truth remains, this type of hairstyle is amongst the most interesting kinds due to the natural texture of the hair. The coarseness and the frizz may prove to be a challenge for many hair stylists but the bottom line remains that these hairdos are amongst the most eye-catching kinds as well.

Prom hairstyles for long hair - long black hairstyles - African American 2

Natural black hairstyles are very stunning and have the tendency to attract attention from onlookers! These hairdos of course need a whole lot of care and maintenance. While some are short and braided, others love to wear their hair long in micro braids or even dreadlocks! However, how does one dress up for the prom night? Well, there are few creative ways one can go about African American prom hairstyles. Take a look.

African American Prom Hairstyles:
Stylish updos are the obvious choice for prom nights. If you wish to opt for the same, then you would surely need to straighten your hair so that they can be styled and pinned with ease. If you wish to have curls when you can leave the ends of the strands curled. This will add an interesting touch to your updos. When pinned and twisted, the hair would look gorgeous with the curls tousled up gently behind. Half updos are yet another option for women with Afro hair. These would give you the option to maintain your natural tresses yet add a touch of difference.

African American braiding is suitable for all occasions and can even be used effectively for the prom night. Micro braids are really tiny and delicate and should be done with the help of a professional. These can be used to create interesting braided updos. Keep the upper portion of the hair braided so that the sides of the crown have beautiful braids for the updo hairstyle.

A classic French twist is a great option for African American prom hairstyle. Here, all you need to do is twist the hair at the base of the neck. A glamorous look with a simplistic touch, it can suit women with Afro styled hair. For this, you need to keep the hair braided or flat iron it partially. This would create an interesting mix of textures.

If you wish to avoid updo hairstyles, then you can opt for hair crimps. For this, you can braid your hair when wet in the night and loosen it in the morning hours. This will give the hair a beautiful crimped texture. It suits women with natural African hair as the hair can be fluffed out to create a beautiful halo around the head. Pin some hair accessories and you would be ready to rock the night!

Hair coloring is another option to jazz up the tresses. This would lend a unique touch to the entire hairstyle you are planning for the prom night.

Be sure to opt for a good hairstylist who would help you to style the hair in an appropriate manner. African American hair would need maintenance so, arm yourself with all the products to keep your hair looking gorgeous at all times! This prom night, be sure to dazzle everybody with a new look! And don’t blame me if you land up with many dates for the coming weekends!

Prom hairstyles for long hair - long black hairstyles - African American 3
Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair - African American

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