2008 Short Haircut Styles

2008 short haircut styles pictures 12008 short haircut styles pictures
Haircut styles for the year 2008 come after a year 2007 where mostly shorter hairstyles ruled, longer haircuts still flourished, and everyone was in love with the bob haircut. Most of the celebrities went for medium and shorter lengths and the fashion runaways brought in many very unique trends like the ponyloop and the high ballerina-bun hairstyle. Update your haircut with one of these hot trends that will dominate in year 2008. Some of these are actually repetitions of hairstyle before. They are all set to make a comeback with much style and elegance.
Bob - haircut style

It was only ever going to give way to a more traditional style: 2007's pob hair style and trend has given way to the bob in 2008, and it's simply perfect for the year.

2008 short haircut styles pictures 2
The Fringe - haircut style
Maybe that the fringe haircut trend died in year 2007, won't it die again in 2008? Normally you'd think so, but with Kate Moss on hand to keep it insanely popular in the first half of 2008, and the next James Bond film, Quantum of Solace, to keep it popular in the second half, getting yourself a fringe is a certain way of staying on trend.

2008 short haircut styles pictures 32008 short haircut styles pictures

Soft and Feminine haircut styles.Again tied into the 30's of the last century, soft feminine hairstyles will make it to 2008.

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