Tips for Long Pom Hairstyles

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Long Prom Hairstyles
The prom night is very important to all teenagers who are dressed in their very best to create an attractive persona about themselves. This is the time when young girls dream and hope to meet a charming prince and young guys hope to meet the girl of their dreams. Prom nights lead to a lot of shopping for many in pursuit of that perfect outfit and also fad dieting. After all, everybody wants to look pretty for the prom night so hairstyles and make up are also planned to perfection. Well, for most, reality bites at the eleventh hour when you realize that you do have a fabulous gown but have completely forgotten to find an equally attractive hairstyle that is high on the glam factor! Tears and fears combined, you are unable to get any hairstylist who can fix your hair in a jiffy! Prom hairstyle ideas can be many to note and to flaunt a perfect one; you would definitely need to practice it at home before the Prom night. Besides, you must always take into account the kind of gown you are planning to wear and the texture of your hair. This is the all-important factor to have a sassy hairstyle. Read on for some important know how about Prom hairstyles and how you can use these tips to create a gorgeous look for the Prom night.

Prom Hairstyles:

Glam Ponytail:
This is great for girls with medium to long hair. First, you need to pull your hair up into a high ponytail. For those with curly of frizzy hair, you need you need to straighten out your hair before you begin this prom hairstyle. With the help of spray gel, smoothen your hair on top. Comb it gently to get a flat effect. Ensure your hair is sleek, smooth, tidy and set before you begin with the next step. You will now have to divide the ponytail into 3 sections. Each section of hair will need to be rolled on the underside. Use some bobby pins or hair clips to keep this in place. You can experiment with the directions of the hair clips. Jazz this up with a tiara or a rhinestone pin.

The Chignon Style:
The 40’s look can never really go out of fashion and shoulder length hair can look great in a Chignon for a gown that has a revealing or dressy back. Tie a low ponytail at the base of the neck. You will need to twist your hair to achieve this look. Wrap your tresses loosely in a circular fashion towards the bottom side. Use some bobby pins to secure this tightly so that it does not undo on its own. For a neat finish, use a hairspray to keep your hair in place. It is fine if some layers of your hair fall around to frame your face. You can curl this or straighten it as per your choice.

Sexy Curls:
Curls are a great option for short or medium length hair. If you have short and straight hair, you can use this prom hairstyle idea to create a new look. With the help of curlers or rollers, you can curl your hair for soft and sexy curls all over. Once the rollers have cooled down, remove them and brush your hair gently. Use some designer hair clips or bobby pins for the front section of the hair. Use some hairspray on the backside of the hair. Curls look great when they are slightly messy and not in place, so you would not have to worry about combing your hair all through the night! You can add hair clips with tiny embellishments that suit the design of the gown to complete the look.

Stylish Updos:
If you have long straight hair and have always been wearing it open, you can go for a stylish updo for the prom night. Such prom hairstyles are great to give you a new look. Chic updos are ideal for those who wish to look a tad taller for the prom night. These look best when combined with long flowing gowns. To create your very own stylish updo, separate your hair into two sections. Leave a larger section of hair on the bottom half. This means that you have a partial updo in hand, which is the upper section.
Spray a small quantity of hair spray on the upper half with the help of a fine toothcomb. Smoothen the top area gently to keep hair in place. Use a stylish clip to keep the hair in place. The lower section of your hair can be curled or kept straight as per the look that is desired.

You can also opt for the French twist as a prom hairstyle. This is very popular because it is easy to style and flaunt as well. Use some gel to flatten you hair. Part your hair on one side and twist it from the nape of the neck. Pull up the twist and fasten it with hairpins. The ends of the hair will need to be twisted into the underside. You can use a small curling iron to curl the ends.

Be creative with your prom hairstyle. Add some high quality glitter for some real glam shine factor. Dress your hair up with some elegant and sophisticated accessories. You can opt for hair extensions if you really want to have a different look on your prom night. No matter which Prom hairstyle you choose ultimately, you need to match it with loads of attitude to complete the look. And yes! Don’t forget to have a great time!

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Long Prom Hairstyles

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