Long Hairstyles - Robert Pattinson

Long Hairstyles - Robert Pattinson
He is the flash-famous actor Robert Pattinson, expertly chosen to play a teenage vampire in the long-awaited movie, Twilight. Perhaps even more famous than his thick, expressive eyebrows, his sultry blue eyes, and his flawless bone structure, is his hair.

Long hairstyles - celebrity  hairstyles - Robert Pattinson
Long Hairstyles - Robert Pattinson Pictures
Robert Pattinson Hairstyles Pictures
Long Hairstyles - Robert Pattinson Pictures
Robert Pattinson Hairstyles Pictures
Great mens hairstyle from Robert Pattinson.
Robert Pattinson Hairstyle

When you first see Robert Pattinson, you get caught in his lush, puffy mass of hair that is styled to perfection! In fact, Pattinson's hairdo seems to complement his looks, giving his already handsome face a godly charm and grace. An erst-while model, young actor and part-time musician, Pattinson seems to have been there done it all. Undoubtedly, Robert Pattinson is the most handsome blokes in Hollywood today.

Born in May 13, 1986 in London (England) Robert Pattinson was into modeling and amateur theater right from an early age. But he was soon spotted by acting agents and production houses (partly because of his good looks and flowing locks). He started bagging minor roles in amateur theaters and acting skits. After a short stint as a fashion model, Pattinson started taking up bit-size roles in major Hollywood ventures. However, his moment of recognition came with the film 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire', where he played Cedric Diggory. The media called him as the perfect face for the character, marked him as 'Jude Law of Tomorrow'. He soon bagged the lead role for the highly-anticipated vampire-fantasy flick 'Twilight' and got rave reviews for his character 'Edward Cullen' in the film.

Robert Pattinson cool haircut
Robert Pattinson Messy Hairstyle

Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen) cool haircut

Pattinson messy haircut
Pattinson Weird Hairstyle

However, his hair has been the talk of the town not only for its natural suave color or its lush, heavy feel. Robert Pattinson really knows how to style his hair, and woo the girls with it! Early in his career, he used to sport a neatly parted hairdo, with long waves of lush hair on either side of the defined demarcation. However, he chose to jazz it up and puff it all out as he gained recognition and fame. From sporting different hair colors such as bronze, red, brown and light-blond with dark roots to complete blond highlights, Pattinson tried every style in the book. He sported Mohawks and flowing, indefinitely parted long side swept bangs.

Robert Pattinson was irresistible in his incarnation as a vampire, and his thick, flowing hair was all he needed to add the enigmatic charm and sensual glamor he lacked as a teenager! His female fans would not disagree one bit ever!
Robert Pattinson Hairstyles

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