Sarah Palin Hairstyle

Sarah Palin Hairstyle

I loved Sarah Palin’s hair style! I loved the way she dressed and I think she clearly showed a poised confidence to be proud of. She spoke eloquently and pointedly. I admired her but don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t care to be her. The type of juggling involved in her day to day schedule gives me the willies!

Sarah Palin Hairstyle

I found that there are plenty of wolves out there on the net, flinging their distaste for Governor Sarah Palin, using anything they can find to pick at. When I read that a certain, supposedly la-di-da hair stylist in Boston, said, “Ms. Palin’s hair style looks like it’s 20 yrs old,” like that’s a bad thing, well . . . them there’s fightin words.

Sarah Palin Hairstyle

To prove how out of place he is, check out how the half up-do that Ms. Palin wore the night of her acceptance speech is . . . hot once again!! Yes this style was worn back in the 80’s and once again has made it’s debut and has recently been seen on some A list by celebrities and models. By the way, Sarah . . . your hair color was fabulous too.

Angelina Jolie with Sarah Palin Hair Style
Angelina Jolie with the Sarah Palin Hair Stlye

Sarah Palin Hair Style 1
The Sarah Palin half-updo with side swept bangs hair style

Sarah Palin Hair Style 2

Sarah Palin Hairstyle 3

Sarah Palin Hairstyle 4
Sarah Palin Hairstyle 6
Sarah Palin Hairstyle


  1. She is just Beautiful !!
    God Bless you Sarah for giving it your best shot.

  2. Sarah Palin Hairstyles is beautiful. I think there is not many beautiful politician in America. Sarah Palin is lucky one.


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