Elegant Hairstyles of Lisa Rinna

Elegant Hairstyles of Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna (born July 11, 1963 in Medford, Oregon, U.S.) is an American actress. She is best known for her roles as Billie Reed on Days of our Lives, Taylor McBride on Melrose Place, and most recently the host of SoapNet’s Soap Talk. She competed in the second season of Dancing with the Stars and was eliminated in Round Seven based on audience voting, despite having had higher marks from the judges than fellow celebrity dancer Jerry Rice.

Rinna married actor Harry Hamlin in 1997. They have two daughters, Delilah Belle (born 1998) and Amelia Gray (born 2001). They have performed together in a number of television and film productions.
Lisa rinna hair
Lisa rinna hair 1
Lisa rinna hair - Lisa Riana with her chunky layer up through the crown and an inverted look along the sides, it’s unique and easy to maintenance

Lisa rinna hair 2

Lisa rinna hair - Lisa Rinna knows how to have a great hair style. This short, layered and slightly choppy hair style has everyone running to the salon, with her photo in hand, anxious to get the latest trendy short hair style. Layers for this style are very long. Extra height in the crown area can be created by back-combing sections of hair.

Lisa rinna hair 3

Lisa Rinna
Lisa rinna hair

The Lisa Rinna Hair Style is sought after by women around the world. Lisa Rinna typically has a short hairstyle but the Lisa Rinna Hair Style is what most people would consider "Great Hair". The shaggy layered and wild look of the Lisa Rinna Hair Style combined with the coloring makes for a "night on the town" looking hairstyle. The pictures show the Lisa Rinna Hair Style from the front side and back. You can see the color changes depending on when the photo of the Lisa Rinna Hairstyle was shot.

Elegant Hairstyles of Lisa Rinna

Elegant Hairstyles of Lisa Rinna

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