Celebrity modern short hairstyles - Agyness Deyn

There are several reasons why celebrity like Agyness Deyn makes a lot of people are in love to.
Here they are:

1. She actually looks like she's having FUN modeling. I love seeing models goof off and SMILE!

2. Her hair! no one could ever say she's a cookie-cutter model type. When a woman cuts her hair this short, it replaces femininity with style. No other model would even dare to cop her hairstyle ('cuz no one else could ever pull it off).

Agyness was BORN to wear this Anna Sui outfit, including the guitar. wow.

3. her personal style is all about Jeremy Scott, Boombox! in London, and having FUN. models who take themselves so seriously are boring!

4. She just has a cool, rebel girl quality about her.

with Freja Beha Erichsen and Irina Lazareanu

5. I just like her face. i didn't know anyone could be gorgeous and adorable at the same time!
Celebrity modern short hairstyles - Agyness Deyn

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  1. I love all her hairstyles but I especially like the third picture in the fifth part, I'm thinking of chopping mine that way


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