Long Hair - Ghetto Hairstyles

Long hair - Ghetto Hairstyles 1
Long Hair - Ghetto Hairstyles
The origin of the ghetto hairstyles is to be found in the social specificity of low-living American classes; they represent not only a fashion statement but also a way to promote a cool image. Highly used by African American people, ghetto hairstyles are characterized by the use of extensive braids. They allow the wearer to keep hair grease under control and maintain the hair softness. Moreover, extensions are also specific to ghetto hairstyles as a means of increasing the volume and the length of the natural hair. For an ethnic look, ghetto style could also include bright coloring, which sends the message "I'm not only cool, but bold too".

Most ghetto hairstyles have been adopted in hip-hop music videos becoming an invariable feature of such creations. The best candidates for such a look are people with natural black hair regardless if it's long or short. Besides the already mentioned braids and extensions, buns deserve a notable position in the creation of ghetto hairstyles. They are usually pulled up by means of hair sprays, mousse or gel with the hair beneath being either straightened or curled up in more special ways. Free-flowing ends or spikes are optional for such ghetto hairstyles.

If at the beginning ghetto hairstyles reflected only the poverty-stricken realities of the metropolis, in time the ghetto look has received a different connotation altogether. Presently, ghetto hairstyles are often adopted by people of various races and cultures who simply need to get across barriers. The use of hair accessories is sometimes highly distinctive for ghetto hairstyles: such elements bring a visibility factor at first while also playing a very functional and practical role: that of keeping the hairstyle in place. Ball pins, colorful hair pins, barrettes and similar accessories play the major part here. Ghetto hairstyles also need complementation from the rest of the outfits, not to mention the importance of the attitude for the matter.

You can find ghetto hairstyles in hip hop videos and on the Internet; certain web pages teach you everything you need to know about braids and how to make them. Ghetto hairstyles are more of a do-it-yourself kind of hairstyling, since most professionals will make the extensions but not give the final ghetto touch. Moreover, you are the best judge about what suits you best or not. Therefore, you will have to complement your look with all the accessories and by the means you see fit in order to achieve the ghetto hairstyles you've wanted.

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Long hair - Ghetto Hairstyles - tikisgirl/hottie1

Long hair - Ghetto Hairstyles - spursaholic/Eve

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Long Hair - Ghetto Hairstyles

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