Celebrity Long Hairstyles Shannon Elizabeth

Celebrity Long Hairstyles Shannon Elizabeth

Elizabeth appeared in several films, including the horror film Jack Frost and Dish Dogs, before being cast in 1999's American Pie, which was a major box office success and garnered her fame for the famous 'webcam scene' in which she appeared topless. Elizabeth subsequently appeared in several major Hollywood films, including Scary Movie, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and Tomcats. Elizabeth starred in the UPN series Cuts until the show was canceled in May 2006. Cuts and its parent show, One on One, were two of the many shows not to be picked up by The CW. In August 1999, she posed for a nude pictorial in Playboy. In 2000 and 2003, she was featured in Maxim. In June 2008 she was Maxim's cover girl. She provided the likeness and voice for Serena St. Germaine in the 2004 video game, James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing.

Celebrity Long Hairstyles Shannon Elizabeth

Well, it just a short biography of Shannon Elizabeth. You have to see the pictures below. Do not forget, pay attention to Shannon Elizabeth's hairstyles. It's the point I want you to notice to. You will get very good reference for your new hairstyles. Just bring it to your hair stylist and copy her hairstyles.
Celebrity hairstyles Shannon Elizabeth
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Celebrity hairstyles Shannon Elizabeth 1

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Celebrity Long Hairstyles Shannon Elizabeth

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