Long Haircut - Gothic Hairstyles

Long haircut - Gothic hairstyles
Gothic Hairstyles
Gothic hairstyles are an offshoot of punk hairstyles that are intended to appear romantic and mysterious. Gothic hairstyles can be defined both by color (either deepest black, two tone or unnatural colors such as pink, blue, green or turquoise) and shape (either big hair or long, stick-straight hair). It is relatively hard to find celebrities with Gothic hairstyles to emulate, but a few that sometimes sport the look are Dita Von Teese, Fairuza Balk, Christina Ricci and Amy Winehouse.

To get the ink black color popular in gothic hairstyles, you can use an over-the-counter single process dye in the darkest color available, which should cover up even natural brunette hair. The goal with this color is to eliminate any shading from the hair. It can be high maintenance because roots show through quickly, even with naturally dark hair, which is why it gave birth to the two-tone look, in which the roots are intentionally left visible. Alternately, you can color your hair with semi-permanent or temporary sprays in bright colors for a Goth look that can be changed easily if you get sick of it.

To get the high volume hair popular in Gothic hairstyles, apply large amounts of styling products such as gel, hairspray or styling spray, and then backcomb or tease the hair until it reaches unnatural heights, finishing off with another round of hairspray. For long straight Goth hair, have the ends cut into uneven points that you can maintain with a bit of gel. Short blunt bangs are another popular Goth look for long straight hair.
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Gothic Hairstyles

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