Short razor cut hairstyles

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Razor hair cut is one of the most effective methods in modern hair cutting technique to create texture and stylish look. The razor cut was born in Japan, hundreds of years ago, and discovered independently in Europe about a century ago. Today it is still sweeping the scene, as young women all over the country discover the easy maintenance and attractive softness of this wonderful hairstyle.

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The razor cut creates it soft look with its precise slicing down a carefully held swatch of hair. Every individual hair in the swatch is cleanly cut, and the angle of the cut care be controlled to a precise degree by an experienced stylist. The Japanese even developed a special tool called the nihindo for this kind of hair cutting.

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When the cut hair is so evenly matched in length and angle of cut, it appears very soft and regular from the viewpoint of the human eye. Today, the razor cut is most commonly seen in bobs and other soft hairstyles.
Short razor cut hairstyles pictures 4Short razor cut hairstyles
Short hair of any kind, with the exception of curls, benefits greatly from razor cutting. Curls however, are another story entirely. Razor cutting naturally curly hair will usually end up in a frizzy look that seems like the result of years of neglect while visiting a desert country. Razor cutting works well for the purpose of thinning hair. It usually produces a good result when an overly dense hairdo needs to be lightened.

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Short razor cut hairstyles

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