Alicia Silverstone Celebrity Hairstyle Pictures

Celebrity hairstyle Alicia Silverstone 1

Alicia Silverstone hairstyles have varied throughout the years from being blonde to a fiery red brunette. It does not matter what color Alicia's hair is, she is always stylish with simple half up styles as well as tight curls, soft waves and blunt cut edges to complete her greatest hairstyles. Alicia's hair speaks simplicity but creates wonders when she sports them.
Celebrity hairstyle Alicia Silverstone

Celebrity hairstyle Alicia Silverstone. This "crazy" video star looks super sassy with these medium cut layers that gives definition to her waves on her dark blonde tresses that make that has lots of volume and height to make this hairstyle look super sexy.

This is casual half up style for the "clueless" star, the front section of Alicia's hair was pinned back while the back and sides were left out to create a fun and easy look on her angled layers and wonderfully trimmed ends, where this hairstyle has lots of body.

You are sure to have a "crush" on this star when you see her in this beautifully angle layered hairstyle that create subtle waves. Her hair is kept to medium length while one side is swept gently to the back while the other side is left falling to her shoulders, giving her a very playful look.
Celebrity hairstyle Alicia Silverstone 2
Celebrity hairstyle Alicia Silverstone

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