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Hilary Duff Celebrity Hairstyles
Female celebrity haircuts are the hottest thing. Every teenage girl and woman wants to look like the next Hilary Duff or Gwenyth Paltrow. Creating their style is a must and female celebrity haircuts are becoming a specialty among stylists around the world. Most women opt for a long cut, but there are still some in favor of the short and mid-length cuts. Whatever you choose, if you are copying a celebrity haircut, you are sure to look like you just stepped out of Hollywood.

Gwyneth Paltrow Celebrity Hairstyles
Female celebrity haircuts like Paris Hilton’s blonde, wavy hair are all about volume. One way to achieve her look is to cut long layers and use an upswing to create full volume at the crown of your head. She’s been using this look a lot lately and so can you. Another famous cut is Isla Fisher’s (The Wedding Crashers) long, curly, red tresses. Combining red with long hair is a sure-fire way to stop traffic. To achieve Gwenyth Paltrow’s short hair, have your stylist cut your hair in short layers that frame your face. Style your hair while its damp with styling gel, working the product in from roots to ends. Blow-dry your hair with a diffuser or regular blow-dryer. Finally, work in pomade or styling wax to define and sculpt the layers.

long hair - paris Hilton - celebrity hairstyles
Paris Hilton Celebrity Hairstyles
One thing female celebrity haircuts require is that they have plenty of shine power, which means star power. If you find your hair doesn’t have shine, it’s probably because it has been chemically enhanced or your diet hasn’t been the greatest. Luckily, there are many ways to make your hair shiny again. Hair masques are a great way to restore shine and get hair like Angelina Jolie’s. They help the hair recover from over-processing and thermal tool damage. Vibrancy can be returned with clear glossing or shine treatments.
long hair - Angelina Jolie - celebrity hairstyles
Angelina Jolie Celebrity Hairstyles
Female celebrity haircuts like Hillary Duff’s require special maintenance. Duff shampoos everyday and conditions her hair daily with thermal conditioner so the blow dryer doesn’t damage her tresses. To achieve her look, you should have fine hair like hers, making it better for her straight, long styles. One special technique that Duff does to protect her hair is she puts sunscreen in it before she goes swimming. This is how she protects her hair from the damaging sun and chlorine. When walking about Hollywood, she uses hats to protect her precious locks.

The best thing to do when finding a female celebrity haircut is to pick up a magazine at your local bookstore or ask a professional stylist. Be sure to have a picture when you go to get your haircut and you’ll be well on your way to looking and feeling absolutely glam.









Female Celebrity Hairstyles

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