Long Hair - Oval Face Hair

Long Hair - Oval Face Hair
Choosing a right hair and hairstyle for your face involves many parameters including hair texture, hair length, face shape, facial structure, occasion, personality and lifestyle. It is an art to balance all the features properly. If you just go for a hair that is suitable to face shape without giving any thoughts to the other aspects, you could end up with horrible hairstyles. Face shape plays an important role in the overall hairstyles and thus the individual personality and look. Out of all the face shapes diamond, round, square, triangular, oval and heart, oval face is considered as the most versatile face shape.

If you have an oval face (you should correctly determine the exact face shape, as many people often make blunders and confuse with oval, round and oblong shape), you can go for short, medium and long hairstyles in different variations. With so many choices, other parameters like your personality and hair texture should be taken into account for selecting the right type of oval face hair and hairstyles.

Long Hair - Oval Face Hair 1

Long Hair - Oval Face Hair 3
Long Hair - Oval Face Hair 4







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