Long Hair vs Short Hair

Long Hair vs Short Hair

When you have long hair you want short hair and when you have just had your hair cut you decide to grow it long. When will we ever make up our minds? As children our parent’s decided how we were going to wear our hair and we were so busy playing we barely gave a thought to our locks. Now as adults we want to look our very best at all times, especially when we dash out on a moment’s notice. We don’t want to spend hours primping in front of the mirror, but still want to look like a movie star - as if we were born that way.

The advantages of long hair are the versatility of so many styles offered. You can wear your hair up in a myriad of ways. Or, you can wear it half up and half down. You can fashion it like the Queen of Sheba or be the picture of a rock star bedazzled with glitzy jewels and scarves. Braiding can be classy surrounding a smooth updo appropriate for a Princess. Braids upon braids can achieve a sophistication desired to influence others. A fluffy bedraggled look gives the impression of just getting up in the morning. Men love its sexy appearance. A multiplication of attention can be gained through foiling your long strands blonde, strawberry blonde and copper red over light or medium brown hair. Golden hues would also look flattering on any warm browns. Oh so lovely when up or down. You will feel like dancing!

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair!” cried her friend, as he looked longingly to her. So long was her hair supposed to be, one could climb up the side of the high tower to get to her and so the story goes. Is long hair for you, though? Would it connect with your lifestyle and make the most of your face and body? As women age most of us gain a little weight and become gray (I like to call it platinum). If you are overweight and have long hair, chances are you aren’t looking your best. Long hair puts weight on you when you look into the mirror. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to look neat with long hair when you are trying on clothes? There aren’t too many of us who are older who look good with gray or tinted hair hanging around their shoulders. Let’s face it, we aren’t 20 anymore, but on the other hand we don’t have to look our complete age either. Long hair can be - oh, so hard to give up. We love our long hair don’t we?

If you have thin fine hair, keeping it long will only make it look thinner and stringy at he ends. Cut bluntly, into a bob not quite touching the shoulders, or shorter, will give the awareness of thicker hair and will feel fuller as well. Use a good volumizer to complete this potential. Everything today is product and more product. If you have long thick hair, shaped into slivered layers will give you several options whether it be straight, wavy or curly. The world is yours.

Enter short hair. There is more maintenance, although an easier task. Short hair will take off at least 5-10 lbs on a good dress. Perfect shaping from a good visionary stylist who knows what you need will do wonders! Short hair is so healthy, you never have a chance to get split ends because a trim every six weeks will be in order. You use less shampoo and conditioner and depending on your style, you will look younger and neat all of the time - no matter what you are wearing. Believe it or not, there are many styles you can wear for short hair. Real short hair shingled up in the back will not look good on a heavy lady who has a thick neck. A nice fringed affect that laces around the edges would look much more feminine. Neither do you put a mushroomed bob on a heavy lady.

This will only cause her to look shorter and heavier. However, a cut about 1 ½ inches away from the head and blown upward will lessen the droops, sags or wrinkles. Bring everything up with the lower part of the hair cut a little bit closer. Half waves and large curls will bring a much needed softness around her face up and down. The upper part of the hair goes up and the very lower part is fluffed down, but not smooth.

Just because you’ve chosen short hair doesn’t mean you’re going to be a clone. You are unique and original. Your hair should fit your personality as well as your body image. If you are athletic, a smart cut close to your head, with golden/reddish highlights, over a lovely brown would shimmer in the sun. Without a care, heads will turn complimenting your energy.








Long Hair vs Short Hair

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