What Does Red Pubic Hair Look Like

What does red pubic hair look like

Despite what you may think, red pubic hair is actually a massive turn on for guys. So what does red pubic hair look like then? Well, firstly, not all red-heads have red pubic hair. Surprised? So what does the colour range look like? A red-head’s pubic hair may vary from totally black pubes to white blonde pubes.

The redness of red pubic hair also varies from dark looking pubic hair which is still reddish to very light orange red pubic hair. Whatever the shade, red pubic hair is definitely a unique look, which some guys even seek out.

So…what does red pubic hair look like? Well, just like ordinary pubic hair, only red! You can alter the look of your red pubic hair by trimming, complete shaving or just leaving that red hot landing strip. Men’s opinions on what does it for them and how much they like removed is mixed. Some like the full red bush look while others prefer the near total removal, such as the Brazilian. What does that say about men? Basically, they all like different styles, just like women.

Whatever your red pubic hair looks like, in no case should you be ashamed of this rare asset. Unlike brown and black pubes, red pubic hair doesn’t look like it shouldn’t really be there. It’s a bonus to have red pubic hair and most men believe that shaving it off completely is what does injustice to your red pubic hair.

What does turn most men on though is making your red pubic hair look more attractive by giving your red pubes a trim with scissors and perhaps waxing the bikini line at the least. Whatever your design, red pubic hair is hot hot hot.
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What does red pubic hair look like

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  1. Just look at her eyebrows...that's the color of her pubes....no big turn secret.


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