Long Hair - Punk Hairstyles

Long hair - Punk Hairstyles 1
Long Hair - Punk Hairstyles
Punk hairstyles have grown popular within the subculture they pertain to; they go hand in hand with clothes, body piercing, cosmetics, and anything else related to music and fashion in general. Punk hairstyles are very often inspired by art or cultural movements like the skinheads, glam rock, greasers and more. The different sources of inspiration are also correspondent for the varieties manifest within the same movement as such; hence, the wide range of punk hairstyles is getting richer every day. The look of punk hairstyles is mainly depending on color variations since all punk cultural manifestations will rely at least on minimum combinations.

The most common colors in punk hairstyles include orange, purple, pink, green and blue, but neon shades for instance are equally attractive. A certain color can be applied on just a hair area or it can be extended to the entire head. The special styling of the bangs or crown will surely not go unnoticed particularly when they are vividly colored. The next important factor for punk hairstyles is the cut as such. The shaggy look is the most common in the category with a buzz above the nape. Asymmetrical cuts like the hair long on the one side and short on the other side also remain very popular.

Then, certain trends dominate the punk fashions to a higher or more extended degree as compared to others. Take for instance the Mohawk punk hairstyles with the hair cut following just a vertical line on the center of the head, this is the look considered the standard one for the punk culture on the whole. There is also the fly away look with the hair let loose like it was not styled at all. These punk hairstyles are usually preferred by rock stars as some kind of stage look and they are generally used in combination with special accessories like loops, spikes, braids and the like.

What it's worth remembering about punk hairstyles is that they have made history being popular in slightly changed forms for more than two decades now. Very often labeled as funky, the startling punk cuts create a vibrant and unique look that many people adhere to as a form of self-expression. The main message sent by such personal images includes the rebellion, the confrontation and the visual shock in its connotation forms. This is what resulted from the popularization of the style in close connection with the MTV emergence and the role it plays in the influencing of music and culture in general.

Long hair - Punk Hairstyles 2

Long hair - Punk Hairstyles 3
Long Hair - Punk Hairstyles

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