Long Hair - Who Can Wear Long Hairstyle?

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Who Can Wear Long Hairstyle?

Long hair is something that is seen as a sign of beauty in many cultures but for fashion purposes, there are only a select few people that can actually get away with long flowing locks. As a general rule, long hair is generally defined as hair that hangs well below the shoulders and if you take a look at many of the popular celebrities, only certain face shapes tend to suit this look.


One of the best face shapes for longer length hair is best shown by directing you to the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Demi Moore who have both been known to have long locks. Both of these women are tall and thin women with face shapes that closely resemble oval or square shapes.

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Short women cannot generally wear long hair without looking as they are a small child and the same applies to women who are not naturally thin in nature. Long and narrow faces also look longer with long hair so this should be avoided and the same goes for hair that is not naturally straight; long and frizzy hair is not a good look!
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Long Hairstyle
Although long hair is well desired by women all around the worlds, it is actually only a lucky few who can actually pull it off and even though you may have the right face shape or body shape to look good with such a length of hair, you may not have the time or dedication to care for it. Long hair needs a lot of looking after and without the appropriate handling, it can look frizzy and tangled in no time at all.







Who Can Wear Long Hairstyle?

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