Celebrity Long Hairstyles - Jessica Simpson Haircuts

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Celebrity Long Hairstyles
Jessica Simpson Haircuts
Watch out Daisy Duke, women all around the world are copying your haircut. Yes, Jessica Simpson haircut is the latest rage and craze. Everyone wants to look like Jessica and they are doing so by having their very own Jessica Simpson’s haircut. Long and luscious blonde hair, straight or wavy—it’s all about looking and feeling like Jessica.

To get Jessica’s look, you first must get her hair color. Jessica Simpson haircuts are all about color. She has strong blonde highlights over a blonde base. The contrast is subtle but it’s enough to make you stop and take a peek. For Jessica’s color, have your own base color lifted (that is, if you’re not already blonde) by an experienced stylist. Your stylist will determine how much needs to be lifted. Powder highlights and warm glow lowlights can be added once you have a nice golden base color. The techniques of baliage or hair painting are the best ways to achieve Jessica’s color.

Her style is best suited for fine or thin, straight hair. The cut you most often see on Jessica is long layers, with blunt cuts on the ends, and a sweeping bang. You can either style it straight by blow-drying it with a round brush or wavy by adding some curl on the ends with a curling iron.

Most often, girls want the Jessica Simpson haircut for their proms. Decked out in silk and satin, girls love the long flowing hair of Jessica Simpson’s. Some girls even grow their hair out all year before prom just to have hair that looks like hers. If you’re planning on doing this, be careful, because Jessica is always changing her style. Most likely, though, she won’t be changing her beautiful blonde color.

Flirtatious and fun, Jessica Simpson’s hairstyles are meant to be worn by the young at heart and those that are out to have a good time. These styles say glamour and Hollywood and must be maintained in just the right way in order to achieve the look on a daily basis. Make sure you use thermal shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner to achieve the shine and sheen that Jessica’s look requires. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be the next Daisy Duke.

















Celebrity Long Hairstyles
Jessica Simpson Haircuts

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