Celebrity Long Hairstyles

Look like a star with these celebrity long hairstyles. The best looks of the season!
long hair - celebrity hairstyles - Beyonce
Celebrity Long Hairstyles Beyonce
Curly, wavy or straight, long is beautiful. To achieve celebrity long hairstyles – whether that means Beyonce Knowles’ hypnotic spirals or Angelina Jolie’s femme fatale tresses – you need to keep your growing hair perfectly healthy. Regular conditioning and split-end trimming are non-negotiables, while a once-a-month hair masque is highly recommended. Don’t overdo it with the blow dryer, and never brush your hair when it’s wet. In fact, manage your long hair with the utmost care at all times! Once your mane is in top condition, pick out your favorite stars and imitate their celebrity long hairstyles.
long hair - celebrity hairstyles - Angelina Jolie
Celebrity Long Hairstyles Angelina Jolie
Babydoll look. You need Jessica Simpson as your guide to this celebrity long hairstyle, which especially looks great on blondes. The trick is to not curl all of your hair but primarily the ends. Then gather the middle strands, just above your forehead, with a sexy barrette.

long hair - celebrity hairstyles - Jessica Simpson
Celebrity Long Hairstyles Jessica Simpson
Chic curls look. If you have a natural wave or curl in your long hair, don’t hesitate to go Nicole Kidman for this celebrity long hairstyle. Nicole is simple sophistication from head to foot. Keep the hair layered to frame your face, apply frizz-control products, blow dry and tame curls with a curling iron. For a wavier look, try top model Gisele Bundchen’s style.
long hair - celebrity hairstyles - nicole_kidman
Celebrity Long Hairstyles Nicole Kidman
Greek goddess look. For this celebrity long hairstyle, try a part down the center and tiny braids skillfully intermixed with wavy hair or a simple updo set off by a silver headband. Diane Kruger of Helen of Troy fame is one celebrity who has successfully sported the first style. For an absolutely dazzling look, combine with white, silver and turquoise clothing and accessories.

Mysterious brunette look. Copy Catherine Zeta-Jones, whose traditionally long hairstyle is ideal for round faces. Dusky, sophisticated makeup completes the dark look, which you want to keep that way, by the way. Don’t mess with highlights as you work on achieving this celebrity long hairstyle.

long hair - celebrity hairstyles - catherine-zeta-jones
Celebrity Long Hairstyles Catherine Zeta-Jones
Sleek look.
Give yourself a sexy, straight, Rachel look by imitating Friends star Jennifer Aniston. The series may be history, but the haircut with its caramel coloring and light blond highlights is not. For the extra shine this celebrity long hairstyle needs, try the old-fashioned method of rinsing your hair in very cold water, or add serum once your hair is dry. Use a round brush and hairdryer to straighten your hair into perfectly sleek lines.

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