Celebrity Natalie Portman short hairstyles

Celebrity Natalie Portman short hairstyles 1
Celebrity Natalie Portman short hairstyles
The celebrity hairstyle features Natalie Portman who can make even the shortest haircuts, for example the bald presentation she wore for Vandetta, resemble very feminine selections. Her hairstyles always seem to emerge as extravagant and this one is no exception. With angelic facial features, Natalie makes this crop hairstyle into an adorable one that even many celebrities will not find as appealing. The hair is parted off center and styled to one side much like a boy's hair cut and because of her feminine facial features; the overall appearance looks extremely cute. Kudos to Natalie for an amazing hairstyle.

Celebrity Natalie Portman short hairstyles 2

Celebrity Natalie Portman short hairstyles. Natalie often wears her lightened tresses up in a somewhat messy but still elegant updo. And yes, she still looks perfect. If you're frustrated figuring out your next hair transformation, maybe you should consider changing your approach to makeup instead. Don't Natalie's smoky eyes look pretty?

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