Hairstyles With Long Bangs of Megan Fox

Megan Fox is one of the hottest stars. Not only does she have flawless skin and a tight, toned figure, but she also has hair that is stunning and versatile. The one-time blonde has fully embraced her change to brunette and fans seem to love her deep, rich color.

2009 hairstyles megan fox blonde hair
Hairstyles With Long Bangs of Megan Fox
Hairstyles With Long Bangs of Megan Fox In fact, Fox is so in love with being a brunette that she reportedly banned any other dark-haired ladies from appearing next to her in the Transformers movie sequel. This ban on other brunettes seems rather unnecessary, though. It is doubtful that many other stars could sport the long, luscious locks Fox seems to have acquired. The length of her hair demonstrates Fox’s commitment to her ‘do and ability to care for her strands despite long hours on set and being overwhelmed by the endless array of styling products used in Hollywood.

2008 fall megan fox ponytailsFox also shows an amazing ability to keep her style interesting. When she wears it straight, her hair shines and flows so that no one could call it “limp.” In contrast, Fox’s wavy and curly ‘dos retain a feminine softness and playfully sexy attitude that reflects her personality. Even when the star’s hair is tied up, it remains intriguing and flawless without the need for flashy accessories or intricate twists.

megan fox 2009 hairstyles
Hairstyles With Long Bangs of Megan Fox Most interesting, though, is how Fox is able to frame her facial features while keeping her hair long. Pieces in the front are strategically cut to emphasize her chin, and her occasional use of bangs fits perfectly with her wide, glittering eyes.

megan fox 2009 hairstyles with long bangs
Hairstyles With Long Bangs of Megan FoxHairstyles With Long Bangs of Megan Fox

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